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This is Bubuti’s official debut post on Tumblr. We’re happy to be here!

For those of you who don’t know who we are, here’s a bit about Bubuti: We love music - we think it’s one of life’s great, awesome gifts that has the power to entertain, inspire, and influence. But we also believe it has the power to make a meaningful, measurable difference in the world, and Bubuti.com shows just how it can be done. On our site, charities and musicians join forces and create campaigns where music artists donate songs to a charity or cause they believe in. Fans download songs they like, and proceeds of every purchase go to the charitable organization associated with that song.

We like to think of our site as a virtual benefit concert where music is sold to help a charitable cause. Only here the music never stops, the number of causes is unlimited, and the venue—Bubuti.com—is open 24/7.

We’re just getting started so we’ll be adding more and more campaigns, both locally and nationwide, as more artists and charities get involved. This blog is our chance to share new campaigns as they come on site and to talk about the musicians and charities we believe in and work with.

To learn more about Bubuti and our campaigns, check out our website: www.bubuti.com