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Click the above link to learn more about the Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative and Charlottesville Tomorrow.

Give4Good - Greater Charlottesville has officially started!  Try out Bubuti today, to give to your favorite local charity!

Give4Good - Greater Charlottesville has officially started!  Try out Bubuti today, to give to your favorite local charity!


It’s #sundog! On Sundays we celebrate the joy of adoptions with our Happy Beginning series. Mercedes Ruehl’s new mom met her a few weeks ago and knew immediately that she was The One. She waited patiently while we got the all clear from our vets about this feisty, fun pup’s leg and ADOPTED her on Saturday. Now named Shelby, mom tells us that she “is doing awesome— she’s already coming to her name, she had an awesome time and made tons of friends at the dog park, and is now taking an exhausted pre-dinner nap on my feet. This little girl is the best!!! Thanks so much to you guys for all you do that results in me having such an amazing new dog in my life!!” Congratulations to these two beautiful gals!

Happy #Sundog!  In honor of #Sundog we’d like to support our local SPCA, the Charlottesville Albemarle SPCA.  Click the link below to donate!

A nice piece on Charlottesville’s upcoming Tom Tom Festival. We are looking forward to it, too!


If you would have told me in September of last year that central Virginia would see the establishment of three brand new music festivals in 9 months, I would have said, “That’s just cray.” But you would have been right! In the time it takes to make a human child, RVA Magazine has hosted RVA Music Fest (my coverage here and here), Style Weekly has put on the Shadrock Music Festival (Cheats Movement’s coverage here), and now — and I really do mean now, as it’s already started — we have Charlottesville’s Tom Tom Founders Festival, a month-long, SXSW-style music, arts and innovation conference that culminates in two amazing days of music this weekend. More than 50 bands will be performing on Friday, May 11 and Saturday, May 12, and the lineup includes a wonderful mix of heavy-hitting national acts (Those Darlins, Futurebirds, Josh Ritter and J Roddy Walston & the Business to name a few) and VA-based artists that promise to showcase the amazing pool of talent found in the area (Dead Fame, Eternal Summers, The Hill & Wood and No BS! Brass Band among them). Have a look at the full list of performers and their set times here. Though several jump out as must-sees, two in particular have me worked up into an anticipatory tizzy, the first of which is Nelly Kate. The past few months have found Kate performing a flurry of shows in central Virginia and Washington, DC in support of her recently released album Ish Ish and, much to my dismay, I haven’t managed to make it to a single one. It’s been a torturous run of earnest intentions, near misses and unused tickets, made all the more torturous by the fact that Ish Ish, a truly amazing album that you should run-don’t-walk to buy here, has been in my car the entire time, taunting me and delighting me at the same time. Have a listen to her song “Blue Badges” to see why I’m so desperate to finally see her perform.


The second act that I’m over the moon about possibly seeing is The Walkmen. Just last week, I was having a conversation about The Walkmen with my bandmate 4eva Doug, who is the reason I started listening to the group’s previous effort Lisbon. I was telling him how, after just a short time listening to The Walkmen, they’d already climbed up into the stratosphere of bands I respect the most, which is a special type of esteem that’s not usually garnered in short order. Maybe it has something to do with the referrer (Doug’s is a musical opinion I value highly) or Lisbon itself (a completely brilliant album that sets up shop in one particular mood and works outward). Or maybe it’s Hamilton Leithauser’s voice, which climbs and climbs, even as it maintains a raspy hue that imbues each word with an extra measure of emotion. Whatever it is, I can’t recommend the group highly enough, and I invite you to find out what strikes you most by listening to the title track from their upcoming release Heavenwhich you can preorder here.


There are many, many more groups worth checking out, so click here to visit the Tom Tom Founders Festival website, where you can check out the full schedule, buy tickets and plan your trip to Charlottesville.

NEW CAMPAIGN ALERT: The Invisible Hand Campaign for The Bridge Performing Arts Initiative

We just launched the Invisible Hand Campaign, featuring songs written and performed by band frontman Adam Smith to help The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative (PAI), a cutting-edge non-profit arts organization in Charlottesville, VA.

Who is Invisible Hand? Well, Adam is glad you asked:

Born amongst wolves, forged in smoke and fire, Invisible Hand plays baroque acid-rock with power-pop guitar theatrics. From and inspired by the ever-pastoral central Virginian landscape, with two members having served times as actors (including bit parts as Bat Boy and Charles Darwin), a full-time food-enthusiast, and a visual artist with a knack for the French chanteuses of bygone eras. A live showing may include wild gesticulations, cunning two-steps, razor-sharp wit, and spaced-out maneuvers.

With the exception of “Pigeons” which demonstrates the power of the full band, this collection of songs available for download exclusively on Bubuti stems from Adam’s own hands and brain.

Since as a young musician, Adam served as its first music coordinator, it’s fitting that the Invisible Hand campaign should benefit The Bridge PAI, a non-profit that connects local artists with the greater community in meaningful (and awesome) ways. As Cathy Harding, editor of C-VILLE weekly puts it, “The Bridge is Charlottesville’s wedding chapel where experimental, no-bulls**t art marries innovative community-building.” The iConnect Photography Workshop is a perfect example of one of The Bridge’s initiatives to “expand both the role of the artist and the artistic horizons of young community members.” In this program, volunteer artists taught a digital photography workshop to youth of the Southwood mobile home park and encouraged them to use their new skills to interpret and record their experiences there. It was a hit. The Southwood group has gone on to publish three photography books, the most recent La Finca|The Farm, a look at their day spent on Maple Hill Farm.

Proceeds from the Invisible Hand Campaign will go directly towards the purchase of new SLR cameras for The Bridge’s other educational youth programs. Download Invisible Hand’s six-song bundle on Bubuti to help them reach their goal of $2,500!