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We are so excited to be a part of this army of passionate artists, brands, and partners that is investing in the power of radio communication by helping to fund an emergency, life-saving communication network in central Africa. 

The Musician Coalition is helping Invisible Children build off of the current Regional Communications Network of HF, FM, and Shortwave Radios, which connects remote communities and broadcasts instructions for escape to LRA members to dismantle the LRA from within. These important efforts will help us to expand coverage of this system further into remote communities, invest fully in the future of the region, and begin tackling other major social issues.

MumsonFans.com wants to start a movement in the Mumfamily, which is the collective name of fans of the band Mumford & Sons. Let Love Grow is a lyric from a song entitled Winter Winds off of their debut album, Sigh No More. We want to Let Love Grow around us in our every day lives. Every small thing you do for someone else can break off into a chain of kindness and love for one another. It is really a beautiful thing.

We are promoting that as a fan base we #LetLoveGrow by completely random acts of kindness for those around us. This can be something as simple as holding the door open for someone, donating food to a food bank, donating money to a charity, buying or cooking a hot meal for someone less fortunate, or volunteering your time at an animal shelter. Anything that reaches out past yourself and extends to someone else. 

We are asking that as part of their effort to #LetLoveGrow members of The Mumfamily donate to Invisible Children. Every little bit helps. We would like to reach a our goal of raising $2,500. As part of our fundraising efforts we have a giveaway with some great Mumford & Sons items that you can check out here: Let Love Grow: A Mumford and Sons Giveaway

We believe that as a fan base, we can bring as much awareness and donations to a wonderful cause as our favorite band can. 

We are fundraising for Invisible Children because we believe in the power of radio and music as communication that transforms lives. Can you help us reach our goal?

Click here to donate and watch Mumford and Sons perform for Invisible Children.

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What a great idea!  We’ve made it easy to donate to Invisible Children — just click the button below to donate!


Help kids like Lexi, Penelope, and Asiana shine! Will you step up and support more funding for childhood cancer research?

We’ll step up!  We’ve chosen to create a Bubuti Act for one of CAC2’s member organizations, Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation. Click the link below to donate to this cause.

Help stop domestic violence - consider donating to one of the many organizations dedicated to this cause.  We’ve set up a Bubuti Act for mysistersplaceny; click the button below to donate directly to this organization.


Midnight Golf is a Detroit-based 30 week empowerment and mentoring experience that teaches underserved kids life skills, including: financial literacy, college preparation, community activism, as well as, learning to play golf. 

The back to school fundraising event will be from September 1st thru September 7th. You can donate $9 or $18 in support of the upcoming 2014 season. 

More details coming soon - Help keep our kids on par! 


Help keep Midnight Golf’s kids on par!  Click below to donate directly to this organization.


The First Base Foundation has received a Matching Grant, and we are getting closer to our goal every day, but WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT! 

Every dollar you donate DOUBLES in value - Join us & SUPPORT our Student Athletes!

Click the link below to donate directly to the firstbasefoundation.  Let’s help them reach their goal and receive that matching grant!


Spread the word: The National Park Service turns 98 on Monday, and all park entrance fees will be waived!

Happy 98th Birthday, National Park Service!  Donate to the National Park Foundation today, to wish the NPS a happy birthday!

Tomorrow is our Rummage sale from 7am-2pm. We will have a Bake sale https://www.facebook.com/events/477026342431866/

If you weren’t able to make it to the rummage sale, fear not!  We created a Bubuti Act for the thethaddeusfoundation. Click the button below to donate!


Give Back Tuesday

Happy Give Back Tuesday! This week I’m excited to share Best Buddies, a non-profit organization focused on creating opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Best Buddies’ mission is to help people with disabilities become more independent and more included in their communities. Get involved today by donating to Best Buddies or volunteering in your area. :)

What a great organization!  Click the button below to donate directly to Best Buddies!


Tomorrow 10th August is #WorldLionDay Pls reblog if you care.

Africa’s Lion Population Has Declined 90% in the Last 75 Years. Please help us save the big cats!
Get involved

Happy (belated) World Lion Day!  We’ve chosen to create a Bubuti Act for one of the World Lion Day supporters, Animal Defenders International.  Click the button below to donate!


There’s no such thing as a small kindness.

Start your own small act of kindness by setting up a Bubuti Act.

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